VAT Consultancy Services in Dubai, UAE

VAT Consultants in Dubai – Crucial and Complex made Simple

As a business, navigating complicated tax structures can seem a daunting task. Choice Peers has a strong, hands-on team which can not only assist with various tax disciplines but also integrate them as a strategy into your business.

Our ‘Global Vision, Global Approach’ makes for sustainable business growth while using hyper-local strategies to cover any tax-related requirements. As reliable VAT / TAX Consultants in UAE, Below are the services :

VAT Consultancy Services

VAT Advisory

Choice Peers is the preferred partner for VAT Consultancy services in Dubai. We offer a package called VAT Transactional Impact Analysis which checks entire business’s health in terms of Tax positions and compliance gaps. It also involves all the subsidiary assistance required in submitting VAT Registrations, De-registration and Clarification forms on FTA’s e-services portal.

VAT Compliance

We proactively conduct reviews of VAT returns while providing assistance associated with VAT reporting. This activity also brings to forth any compliance gaps.

VAT Audit in UAE

Choice Peers can be your representatives in Tax Audits conducted by the FTA for VAT purposes.

VAT Litigations

Below are the services:

  • File VAT Reconsideration forms on FTA site
  • Liaison with Tax Disputes Resolution Committee (TDRC) following a rejection of reconsideration request

VAT Refunds

Choice Peers are specialists in VAT Return filing in Dubai. We cover VAT Refunds, VAT Tourist Refund Scheme, VAT Refund for Business Visitors, VAT Refund for EXPO participants and VAT Refund for Building New Residences.

We also assist with TP compliance and documentation needs along with CBC reporting.

Impact Assessment

CP can analyze how transfer pricing requirements are applicable to your business operations for that region and corrective steps needed.

Compliance and Documentation

All documentation filing requirements for Transfer Pricing is covered by CP. With access to range of Databases we help develop customized TP benchmarking studies for your deals.

Country-by-Country Reporting

We help create a CbCR strategy which is consistent with the OECD regions as well as country level legislation. Our intelligent CbCR applications will work in tandem with your CbCR process provides country-specific reports to submit to the authorities. We also provide assistance in submitting CbCR notifications for country-specific operations.

Dispute Resolution

CP will act as your representatives for navigating Tax Authority challenges. Territory-specific Advanced Pricing Agreements (APA) or Mutual Agreement Procedure (MAP) applications will also be assisted with by CP.

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