Environmental - Social - Governance


Mankind’s unchecked progress has been regressive for nature.  We are up against huge problems like global warming, deforestation, plastic pollution, biodiversity loss, melting ice caps, soil salinization among many others.

Choice Peers follows its cultural heritage when it comes to protecting nature, ‘take only enough and no more’. Being minimalistic and environment conscious is a sweeping policy across the firm. CPI team tries to protect the environment with paperless transactions, safe E-waste disposal, digitization, recyclable materials and many more to reduce the carbon footprint and greenhouse emissions.

We regularly organize tree plantation drives for which the team enthusiastically participates. Choice Peers International also educates and helps its partners to implement ‘Pro-Environment’ policies.


Choice Peers International is not just a ‘For Profit’ firm, our employees and clients are stakeholders on this exciting journey.  For employees we have fair pay, health, training, finance policies with education facilities for their kids, for clients we go out of the way to make doing business with us a breeze.

Population explosion means there is unprecedented levels of poverty everywhere. We give it back to society by helping the under privileged with regular ‘Donation’ drives. The team volunteers to assist when struck with any natural disasters.


Choice Peers International is one big and growing family. We have a flat hierarchical structure with open door policy. The management is completely involved that the firm runs on core human values.

Trust – Transparency – Integrity

Honest, open financial accounting transparency with financial reporting is maintained. Choice Peers International maintains a friendly, transparent fiduciary relationship with their stakeholders. The board members steadfastly resolve any conflict of interest resolved via dialogue.