Auditing Services in Dubai, UAE

Ensuring Business Health and Longevity

Every country has their own set of governance, auditing laws and this is what makes it challenging and ultimately satisfying. The pace of business change and technological advancement is breakneck and keeping up with it is what’s going to keep a company relevant.

Choice Peers is a registered CA Firm in Dubai and the UAE for Auditing. We are empaneled with Majority of Free zones and all the banks to conduct audit of their client companies.

Choice Peers has time and again proven itself as a reliable and trustworthy partner. Auditing is a thorough and complex process to ensure no surprises are in store for businesses, to avoid being potentially penalized or affecting productivity / profitability. Complaint companies in terms of Audits assure stakeholders that business is healthy and builds trust.

Middle East has its own unique ways of business for which Choice Peers over customized auditing services.

Auditing Services


  • IFRS complaint financial statements
  • In-depth performance evaluation with detailed management reports
  • Healthy performance assurance to stakeholders, lenders and regulators


  • Thorough verification of accounting policies
  • Providing in-depth reports of company performance at regular intervals
  • Check if transactions adhere to company policies & procedures
  • Proactive fraud detection and nullify or mitigate its effects

Pick a particular Audit & Assurance service or the whole package which your business needs,

Quarterly Review Reporting | Stock Audit and Verification | Audit Remediation | Audit Readiness | Asset & Transaction Tracing | Accounting Closure Assistance | Management Reporting

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