Accounting Services in Dubai

Accounting Firms & Bookkeeping Services in Dubai, UAE

With advent of technological advancement and as a measure to reduce operational cost, these days outsourcing of business services has become most popular way of getting best professional services at a minimal cost. Many business enterprises prefer to outsource their accounting services to third party. Mac & Ross help its clients to offer these services.

Choice Peers is a registered CPA firm in Dubai for Account Outsourcing.

There are many critical aspects of a business that need your attention, a time consuming process like Accounting can be outsourced at minimal cost. Choice Peers works as an in-house Accounting department, maintaining books, providing reports and drawing your attention to any discrepancy.

Accounting Services

Dedicated Accounting Team will provide the below services:

  • Preparing and organizing financial documents
  • Monitor your cash flow via updated ledgers
  • Critical business reports like creditor listing and aged debtor documentation
  • Reconciling your bank position
  • Preparing regular monthly/ Quarterly MIS

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