About Us

Choice Peers has come a long way since starting UAE operations in 2014. We bring the vast experience of more than 25 years of providing highest quality financial management consulting to our clients in India. Choice Peers started small as an accounting and auditing firm in Dubai and has grown into a full – service consulting firm. The faith reposed in us by our clients has made this possible and provide our services across the UAE.

Choice Peers International as a rule and service motto has put people’s ever-changing needs first. It is built upon clear values which help businesses operate in the ever changing environs of today, made difficult by an unpredictable global economy.

Choice Peers offers the entire gamut of services from Accounting & Auditing to business setup not only in Dubai but across the UAE, Management Consulting, Tax and VAT consulting. Choice Peers offers all services that a business would need assistance with.

We are agile and easily adapt as we must, to help you take strategic decisions, start businesses, enter new markets, increase performance and manage risk while doing these. Choice Peers has invested in infrastructure, technology and is helmed by able set of experienced experts who get things done.

The new world order hopes for exceptional client service, nothing less. Choice Peers is ready to partner with you all the way.

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