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Advantages Company Formation in Kenya

The economy of Kenya is considered Market base and it is generally deemed as the logistics, economic and commercial center of East Africa. It is also considered to be a regional financial hub and attracts investors due to its strategic location. Following are the reason why company registration in Kenya is a viable opportunity.

It offers a huge disposal of well-educated manpower
ICT is one of the fastest growing sector
It has the most sophisticated financial and manufacturing industry in East Africa
Major contributing industries of Kenya include – ICT, Energy, Infrastructure, Agriculture and Medical Equipments
It offers access to a market 140 million people
Single visa issuing

Requirement To Register a Company

Minimum 1 Shareholder
Minimum 1 Director (must be a local resident)
Minimum Share Capital Requirement is KES 100,000
Registered Local Address
Copy of Passport
Copy of National Identity Card
Work Permit
Alien ID

Our Services

Preparation for documents as per Companies Act 2015
Obtaining PIN Certificate, NSIF and NHHF Registration
Registration and obtaining certificate for the company
Local Registered Address
Local nominee director
Opening of Bank Account

Time Period

It takes approximately one week for business registration in Kenya.

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